The Program is run on a modular basis with two semesters each year. An examination at the end of each semester Is undertaken.Students are expected to clear all outstanding examination arrears before proceeding to the next semester.Course Modules
Year 1-1st semester :Applied Chemistry & Physics, Applied Mathematics, Anatomy and Physiology, Communication Skills & Computing, Cell-biology & Human genetics.2nd semester: Anatomy and Physiology II. Analytical Science & Instrumentation. Safety & Ethics, Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Biochemistry I, General Microbiology.
Year 2 – 1st semester:Hematology I, Immunology, Pharmacology, Histology, Medical Microbiology I, Biochemistry II. 2nd semester:Pathology, Medical Parasitology I, Molecular Biology, Cellular Path I, Blood Transfusion Science I.
Year 3 – 1st semesterHospital Placement . 2nd semester– Cellular Pathology II,Clinical Chemistry, Laboratory Management, Haematology II & Blood Transfusion Science II, Medical Parasitology and Medical Microbiology IICollege Fees: Students are expected to pay K3,900 and K2,600 for boarders and non-boarders per semester respectively.