1. The Library is for use by members of Biomed College ONLY, you may NOT bring visitors into the Library unless permission has been given by a member of the Library staff.

2. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the College Library. The only exceptions to this are water in transparent bottles. Permitted bottled water should be kept in bags and not left on desks, shelves, or any other library furniture.

3. Smoking (including the use of e-cigarettes) is prohibited in the Library. Cigarettes (including e-cigarettes), cigars, pipes, lighters and matches may not be brought into the Library.

4. Noise in the Library must be kept to a minimum at all times.

5. Mobile phones must not be used in the Library apart from in the Readers’ Common Room and must be switched off if brought into the Library.

6. Books and periodicals used in the Library should be returned to the correct place on the shelves.

7. The hoarding of books on Library tables is not permitted, nor is the reservation of seats.

8. Books must not be marked in any way.

9. Library books must be returned or renewed after 7 days, Members who exceed the time limit are fined.

10. Member who either loses or does not return a book will be charged the replacement cost of the book, including any binding or administration costs.
11. Library books must not be sub-lent. The original borrower of a book is responsible for its return.
Vacation borrowing starts on the Monday of the final week of Full Term. Books borrowed during the vacation must be returned before Friday of the first week of the next Full Semester.